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Frequently Asked Questions


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What information and/or documentation do I need ?

All we need is written verification of your pet’s current vaccinations. For dogs we need Distemper, Rabies, and Bordetella. Bordetella is the kennel cough vaccine and is not part of most veterinarian’s core vaccination protocol, so you will need to double check or specifically ask for this vaccine. Please be advised that this vaccine is not 100% effective and although all dogs are required to be current, there is still the possibility of contracting this particular illness. It is very contagious, and it’s form mutates regularly, so anywhere your dog comes into contact with other dogs (even another dog walking past your yard on the sidewalk) is a possible exposure event. We also ask that you please have this particular vaccination done at least 7 days prior to your dog’s stay at Happy Trials, as they will shed the virus for several days and are contagious to other dogs during this time.

For cats we just require Rabies and Distemper.

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What do I bring?

We recommend that you bring enough food for your dog’s entire stay as it can be stressful for some dogs to be in a new place and have different food. However, if you forget or otherwise can’t provide food, we do have an in house quality food (Happy Trails provided food adds $5 per day to your daily charge). You are also welcome to bring a blanket, or a familiar toy (no rawhides or rope toys please). Do keep in mind though, that dogs are usually happy to share with their neighbors and they may pass their toys along to someone else. So don’t bring any toys that you or your dog will miss if this happens.

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What time should I drop off my pet?

We are open from 7:30 to 6:00 during the week and 8:00 to noon on Saturday and Sunday, but please have your pet here before 4pm Mon-Fri and before 11am Sat-Sun if at all possible. This gives them a bit of time to get settled and comfortable, play a little bit and have a bathroom break before they go up for the night. The earlier they come in, the better for them. It is also easier for us to be sure that they are set up and comfortable in their kennels when they arrive earlier in the day.


Billing works just as a hotel, so drop off day is charged as a full day regardless of the time they come in (another reason to drop off early!). Check out time is 1pm Mon-Fri and 12:00 noon on Sat-Sun, which means that if you pick up before those times that day is not charged, but afterwards it is considered a full day. And since doggie days at Happy Trails start at 6am, it really is a full day of care by 1pm.

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How much play time will my pet get?

Playtime is included in the standard boarding price. In a typical day dog’s will get 5-8 hours of outside time. This is affected by weather and the number of dogs present.

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Do you accept unaltered and/or intact dogs?

Yes, we accept them on a case by case basis. However, there is a surcharge of $8.00/day if your unaltered dog is 1 year old or older. This is because intact dogs smell differently, act differently, and play differently than their spayed and neutered counterparts. This makes it more difficult to keep the arousal level in the yard during playtime at a controlled level. Please note, we watch very carefully and sometimes make the decision to keep intact dogs separate from the other dogs, but we cannot guarantee that an accidental breeding will not occur. Females in season (in heat) will not be allowed to stay in the kennel.

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Can I tour the facility and meet the staff before I make a reservation?

You sure can, we actually encourage you to come by and observe the day to day activities and ask any questions you may have. You can also observe the dogs on our webcam system at any time. You do not have to have a dog here to do that, you can simply go to our website and follow the directions for webcam viewing. We are very proud of our facility and would love to show it to you in person and in detail. You do not need an appointment, just drop by during business hours and we will be happy to show you around.

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Can I have my dog groomed before he comes home?

Absolutely! We can schedule a Bath Brush and Nail package or a Full Groom package for your dog anytime during his stay.

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