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Watch your dog play!

Here at Happy Trails Pet Spa, you can watch your dog have fun and play no matter where you may be.





Web Cam Instructions


At Happy Trails Pet Spa & Resort, it is possible to watch your dog even while you are away. Happy Trails was built with web cams in place so that you can see your dog having a great time outside in the play areas or inside their patio kennel (web cams not available in standard kennels).

NOTE: Patio kennel names stay constant! They are not changed to reflect the names of the individual dogs staying in them!



**Please be aware that webcam access is provided as a courtesy and is part of the Happy Trails security system. Webcam access may not be compatible with all operating systems and we are not responsible for incompatibility issues**

Please click here to access our web cam from iOS App Store

Please click here to access our web cam from Google App Store


Instructions for use on mobile device


1. Download the free HRGX App for your device
2. Open the app on your mobile device Under devices click "add"
3. Then click "devices" on the next screen
4. The click "add" in the top right-hand corner
5. Input the following information:

    Device Name or Alias: Happy Trails
    Register Mode: IP/Domain
    IP Address: or
    Port: 9000
    Userrname: dogs (case-sensitive)
    Password: 111111
    Channel Number: 16 (if correctly set-up channel # will channel # will change from "0" to "16")

6. Save to your device

For more information on HRGX App for your mobile device please CLICK HERE for HRGX users


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