LTS LogoAt Happy Trails Pet Spa & Resort,  you can even watch your dog while you are away. Happy Trails was built with web cams in place so that you can see your dog having a great time outside in the play areas or inside their patio kennel (web cams not available in standard kennels)

NOTE: Patio kennel names stay constant. They are not changed to reflect the names of the individual dogs staying in them!

Click the link below that corresponds to your mobile device to download LTS Connect to access our web cam.

Instructions for use on mobile device

1. Download “LTS Connect” App (You will have to manually add all information in and you CANNOT be on the Happy Trails wifi. You can only use mobile data or another wifi connection.)
2. Allow access to files and then Choose country (Listed as USA)
3. Select “Visitor Mode”
4. Select add device, then the pencil icon in the top right corner. Allow access to files
5. Select “Adding Type” and choose IP/Domain. Enter device information. Then select save icon in top right corner and “Start Live View”

Input the following information:
Adding Type: IP/Domain
Alias: New Device 01
Port: 9000
Username: dogs
Password: dogs111111

6. Select one of the lock icons, this will prompt for an input verification code
Verification code: abc12345
7. After one camera box is selected and unlocked, you will not have to enter the code again. Just tap on each box to unlock.
(To switch from multiple cameras to one camera, select the preferred camera and the number 1 at the bottom of the camera pack)